Private Breath Session with Senaja




Join me for a private session, 3 or 5 part series where we do just that!
Your private session(s) happen online through Zoom in your own personal space.
In your one-to-one session your breath works for you by de-armouring your tension, revealing your passion while gifting you loving support.
Each 60 minute breath journey will connect you with your deeper heart resonance establishing fertile ground for you to grow a more deeply loving relationship with yourself and all.
Bringing decades of holistic transformative experience, I will hold you in sacred space and guide you through your challenges unleashing your pure heart radiance.
Are you ready to release the shackles of emotional imbalance to live your freedom?
Yes! … Choose a breath series with me.
With 3 private sessions. you will meet, connect and communicate with your heart developing lasting relationships for your thriving loving frequency.
With 5 private breath journeys, ground in loving frequency, tangibly embodying yourself, radiating your passionate life from your heart resonance.
Let’s take this journey together.
Choose from:
💙 One 🌟 Private session – Deeper Heart Resonance.
Standard price £175 with Global Heart Dance discount £135
If you’d like more support, kindly check out my 3 or 5 private session series available here too.
Building confidence in love.