New Paradigm Business Education Series with Josh Paz Amore




Learn how to do business more fully from the Heart!


  • Identify what is the New Paradigm
  • Learn how to form New Paradigm funding pools and build new economies that align with natural law
  • Learn how to steward collective resources in a shared economy
  • Learn how decision models work that use collective intelligence and heart coherence
  • Learn how to self-heal and manage toxic situations

This is perfect for you if you:

– Want to create heaven on earth and willing to put the work in and do something different.
– Think for yourself
– Have dealt with your inner issues
– Are ready to move from the solo hero’s journey to the collective heroes’ journey
– Are solutions focused

You’ll also have:

  • the joy of being a part of something bigger than yourself
  • the joy of working towards a common goal
  • the joy of building skills and getting better
  • The permission to be vulnerable and navigate challenges together

What to expect:

Exciting – It’s going to be fun and challenging every step of the way

Only achievable together – It won’t be easy, but if we work together it’s possible

Incredibly rewarding – The rewards will make it worth the challenge

Green Earth Vision brings together those ready to pioneer building the new paradigm so that we can unify and reach our full potential through our fundraising efforts, decision process, economies, language, and project launching efforts.  This FREE online course is part of a multi-series of courses to be available soon!

Simply click ADD TO CART and pay nothing and upon completion, the course link will show on the website and you’ll also be sent it via email.

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