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It was so wonderful to share the vision for Global Heart Dance with Nat Rich of the “I Am Sound” channel which is an exciting new platform featuring all things to do with sound healing!  We’ll be doing more interviews coming soon too!

We dive into some of our own personal journey and what guidance we have received along the way that brings us to this point with Global Heart Dance.


DJ Chica has been presenting a radio show called Preloved Chica Time Capsule Show on Ipswich Community Radio – 105.7 FM for the last 3 years, her show is 100% eclectic thanks to her guests from around the world.

It was so fun for Eeshi-Ra to be invited onto her show 10 days before the festival and she was invited to share a few tracks she would put in the time capsule, and of course a few sound healing instruments were added to!

Listen to the 45 minute show here.

and the other replays here: http://bit.ly/showreplays


We are so excited and honoured to also partner with 1111 Unify for our event and also for their event coming up on 11:11 (11 November) 2021.  We had a great interview with Anistara a couple of weeks before the event!  Join the excitement building for our online festival here!


We are so honoured to partner with 1 Million Meditators and Adam and myself as co-founders of Global Heart Dance were so excited to be interviewed on “Conversations with 1Million Meditators”.

We shared about the exciting things coming up at our FREE 24 hour online festival! 👏🙌😁 & more about the vision and why we feel called to gather communities from all over the world and unite with two global meditations (7 am and 1:11 pm on Sunday 19 September 2021 Bali/Singapore time).  Let’s unite as one global family and bring some uplifting & positive vibes with 432Hz DJ’s, musicians and heart-centered classes and online courses too! Please share the good vibes by sharing this video to let all your friends, family and beyond know!

Set the date on your phone. Across the world let’s tone!
Let’s tune into 528. It’s a real potent sound we can make!  
19 September – it’s time to remember – why we came.  Tune in Bliss Out and let’s return!

Let’s get this party started!!!……..

👉The show aired LIVE on 1Million Meditators Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/1MillionMeditators as well as YouTube and a few other pages on these platforms. It is also available on the Podcast “Conversations with 1Million Meditators” on Spotify, Apple Podcast, I Heart Radio, Stitcher, and many others!

Watch the full interview below or listen to the podcast here!


Are you an event organiser, community leader, teacher, kirtan/choir leader, religious leader, spiritual teacher or facilitator and keen to join a like-minded and light hearted global network of visionaries, thought leaders, & innovators? Is this calling to your heart?  If so, we’d love to hear from you for 2022 as our schedule is now full.  Click here to join us today!   Tune in with your community for the festival and/or the global meditations.  Together as One we are beautiful anchors of the new way of being that humanity is now moving into, co-creating REAL change to live a more happy, free and empowered life!

The Global Heart Dance Festival is on 18-19 September 2021 and the whole 24 hours is FREE!  A gift from our hearts to YOU but if you’d like to make a donation to support all our heart work, we would be so very grateful, so kindly go here.

Kindly note that Global Heart Dance is a non politically-affiliated movement