Check here for the line up of awesome DJ’s who will really get you grooving!

All times are Bali/Singapore time (WITA/UTC +8 hours).  Check to find out your local time or click on the links below.

DJ PHOENIXFIRE AKA Adam Golden Eagle (Australia) – Live from Maui!!

1:30-2:20 pm – Sunday 19 September 2021.  Click here to find your local time.


DJ Phoenixfire’s passion is to ignite as many dance floors around the world with embodied spiritual awakening and healing of the body, spirit and mind through uplifting and magical dance journeys.
In celebrating the uniqueness of each moment and listening deeply to the energetic needs of the dancers, he creates beautiful and evocative sonic journeys that uplift and inspire greatness, weaving a rich journey of world music, ethnic beats, EDM and more.

All mixes are recorded in 432 Hertz which has many healing and (re) connective properties, including balancing the right and left brain function and bringing deeper relaxation and healing to the nervous system.

Soundcloud: Click here

For info and bookings for DJ sets, events and healing services please click here.


7:15-7:20 pm – Saturday 19 September 2021 – Click here to find your local time.

Kamau Abayomi is an interdisciplinary artists, mystical arts curator and soulful guide.  Kamau’s arts flow from 25 years of integrated, experiential wisdom rooted in “Way of One” principles, ancient Khemetic (Egyptian) cosmology, Taoism and Wabi Sabi philisophy.  He is a graduate of the “Gateway Voyage consciousness studies program at the world renowned Monroe Institute and is a certified White Tiger Qi Gong instructor.  Kamau has received Harvard University certification in the study of scriptural Buddhism.  For the last 10 years he has been the Director of Live Mysteries art curations in Bali, Indonesia.  Kamau is an award-winning choreographer, 2 x international poetry slam champion, a playwright, an author and an internationally-touring DJ and recording artist.

Instagram: Click here
YouTube: Click here

FUSIONISTA – (Russia/Bali) – Merkaba Music

9:30-10:20 pm – Saturday 18 September 2021 Click here to find your local time.


Fusionista is a sound producer, sound healer and DJ. Her performance is a combination of vocals and ethnic instruments.

You will dip into #psybass vibrations and magical frequencies that will bring you back to your true nature. Connected to the stars and the Earth through music, Fusionista will lead you to consciousness and to the sacred knowledge of universal wisdom. Fusionista brings her monthly conceptual radio show to open your mind for transformation to the magic and light! Every radio show has its own thoughtful deep idea. Resident of Merkaba Music (USA) and Mystic Sound Records (Russia)

SoundCloud: Click here
MixCloud: Click here
YouTube: Click here

DJ CHICA AKA Elene Marsden (UK)

1:30-2:20 am Sunday 19 September 2021Click here to find your local time.


DJ Chica spent 7 months in 2021 in Bali where she fell in love with Ecstatic Dance.

After spending 18 days in isolation in a Tree House in Ubud with Covid, the idea to bring Ecstatic Dance to Suffolk in the UK was born and from the moment that decision was made, the Universe has lined up to help.  DJ Chica was gifted a venue, with an amazing free style dancer and a Didgeridoo player to close her Ecstatic Dance ceremonies.  Amazing how the Universe works like that!

Elene is not new to playing music live on air, she’s been presenting a radio show called Preloved Chica Time Capsule Show on Ipswich Community Radio – 105.7 FM for the last 3 years, her show is 100% eclectic thanks to her guests from around the world

DJ Chica shares on her Instagram her passion for pre-loved clothing. What a fabulous combo, dressing up in pre-loved clothes while playing music for the Global Heart Dance audience around the world.

Why not join DJ Chica and dig out your most colourful ethical/pre-loved outfit in your wardrobe. Let’s honour Pacha Mama and give gratitude for all the natural resources she’s gifted us.

Join DJ Chica for her Global Heart Dance debut, for a journey of vibrant colour, African Drums and Tribal Sounds. See you on the dance floor!

Instagram: Click here

DJ N3Xius (Maui, USA)

3:30-4:20 am – Sunday 19 September 2021Click here to find your local time.


I love sharing the medicine music.
Drop into the flow and move your body.

Dance is church.
Connect to source through the divine union of body and soul.

Allow yourself to go deep. Feel it all. Real, raw expression.
Claim your freedom, your sovereignty.

Know that you are a free spiritual being that cannot be contained.
Set you soul free from the ties that bind.

Soundcloud: Click here


5:30-6:20 am – Sunday 19 September 2021Click here to find your local time.

Introducing Shakti- a Psychedelic Trance DJ from the UK. Shakti is also the producer of the current Earthdance London events, and a proud label DJ for Suntrip Records. A Tantric Womb Priestess, and Sacred Space Activator, Shakti is known and loved for her mystical Psy Trance Priestess vibes and pulsing DJ sets. She has played to dance floors around the UK and internationally, some of her highlights being- Return to the Source 21st Anniversary in 2014, London,  Boomtown Fair festival in 2016, and Berlin NYE 2020!
She will take you on a journey, as deep and high as you allow yourself to go! Get ready to dance yourself into the 5th Dimension!
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DJ KRYSALYS AKA John Perthuis (France/Bali)

9:30-10:20 am – Sunday 19 September 2021Click here to find your local time.

His style and his inspiration seamlessly connects the narrative structure of a groovy soundtrack with the compelling forward thrust of electronic rhythms along with tribal and ethnic influences.

As an ecstatic DJ he will offer you melodic sounds remixed and fine-tuned to enter the void of something intangible and ungraspable… just for the sheer beauty of being alive!

Get ready to travel and explore your Soul and immerse your mind and body.

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