Check here for the exciting classes we have in store for you!

All times are Bali/Singapore time (WITA/UTC +8 hours).  Check to find out your local time or click on the links below.


Opening Ceremony – 5:55-6:20 pm – Saturday 18 September 2021Click here to find out your local time.

Emotional Clearing with Animal Play & Sound Healing – Available to watch FREE after the festival!  Date to be confirmed.  Check out her Shift It online course if you’re ready to live your Dream Life and put the Law of Attraction on turbo boost here

Are you feeling challenged with your emotions either in a relationship or not or simply stressed out & upset within yourself?  Would you like to learn a fun, healthy and super playful, yet profound energy clearing exercise to shift emotional triggers in your relationship with yourself or someone else?  This is for you if you’d like to shift more deeply into your heart and feel more fully in your body so you can become more present and truly enjoy the beauty of the precious moments we are alive.  Doing this daily helps us break free of any emotional stagnation we may have so we can more easily accept what we feel, see it, hear it, & release it in a healthy way so it helps us be more loving with ourselves and in our relationships.  When it’s fully owned and expressed, it never needs to develop into any kind of illness later on in our lives.  You’ll feel lighter, clearer, happier, more energised and far more able to enjoy your life in every possible way!  Come join me!

Eeshi-Ra is a sound healing practitioner, singer, trauma release breath coach & bodyworker, visionary, speaker & vocal coach with over 30 years in the alternative healing world. In a world gone crazy where feelings are often not fully expressed, where anger is not really acceptable & society’s insistent demand to have us be so continually polite, quiet, be politically correct, & hold back what we feel just to make others feel more comfortable, Eeshi-Ra is passionate about creating a safe space for people to release any unexpressed emotions in a playful, yet powerful and healthy way.  She supports you to tune into your body’s own natural wisdom to clear out unhealthy ways of being using the gentle, yet profound benefits of specific sound frequencies combined with breath, voice, movement, colour & consciousness for healing.  Eeshi-Ra also offers other tools for sexual empowerment, embodiment and awakening of the Divine I Am within. Check out her website for online courses, sound healing audios, sound healing cellphone ringtone, tuning forks, eBooks, DVD’s/videos & more!

Website: Click here
Instagram: Click here
Youtube: Click here

LEYOLAH ANTARA – (Australia)

Opening Ceremony – 5:55-6:20 pm – Saturday 18 September 2021Click here to find out your local time.

Kundalini Dance Heart Activation – 11:30 am-12:20 pm – Sunday 19 September – Click here to find out your local time.

Global Meditation – 1:11 pm Sunday 2021 – Full meditation starts at 12:30 pm – Click here to find out your local time.

Leyolah Antara is a best-selling author and spiritual guide who is known as a pioneer in the field of embodied transformation. She has a rich life experience as a teacher and has created her own movement healing modality called Kundalini Dance; a tantric alchemical dance practice. She has trained over 200 teachers with facilitators sharing the work in Europe, North America and Australia. She has written and published her first book Kundalini Dance, Sacred Evolutionary Keys for Ecstatic Awakening that is available through Amazon and is co – author of the international best selling book Fearless Presence.  She has co created two albums, which are ecstatic dance journeys through the chakras having sold over 100 K albums globally. She has studied Dance Movement Therapy and Transpersonal Psychology and is a life – long learner and teacher of the Healing Arts. She has an online mystery school and is a prolific creator of courses and programes to support the rising of feminine power and the reclaimation of the lost voice of the intuitive feminine.  She is often to be found energizing an ecstatic dance floor or at her favourite waterfall ecstatically making love with nature.

Website: Click here and here
Facebook: Click here and her Priestess Rising group here
Instagram: Click here

If you would like to dive deeper into the incredible life changing power of Kundalini Dance, sign up for this free online course here


Water as a Catalyst for Peace – 6:30-7-20 pm – Saturday 18 September 2021 – Click here to find out your local time.

Title: Global Director and Ambassador of “The Emoto Peace Project ” Non-Profit Organisation

Michiko worked as an administrative Personal Assistant to Dr. Masaru Emoto for over 10 years. He was the Founder of the Emoto Peace Project, the pioneer of HADO (vibration), researcher of water, and author of the world best-seller “The Message from Water”, “The Hidden Messages in Water”, etc. She is the successor of his legacy, distributes the children’s book “The Message from Water” for free to children, and gives lectures to teach water memory and that our consciousness creates realities as well as teaching the importance of Love and Gratitude through “The Message from Water” to make the world a truly harmonious place.

Michiko’s class includes a very SPECIAL Water Blessing Ceremony you can do at home for you, your home, your community and the Earth!  Think local, act Global!

Website: Click here.
Facebook: Click here.
Instagram: Click here.

YEE-CHING (NICOLE) YAU – (China/Australia/Bali)

Alchemy of Dance – Break free through embodiment – 8:30-9:20 pm – Saturday 18 September 2021.  Click here to check your local time.

If you are feeling stuck in your mind or life, you’d love Alchemy of Dance’s online dance circle! It is a playful movement, embodiment games & shamanic prayer to explore free-self expression, freedom & our inner power to transmute information in the fields through embodiment. As we go inward through meditation, breathe, Chi Gong Tai Chi, dance, voice activation, visualisation and intentions, we embody our higher selves and as a heart consciousness presence! I look forward to weave with you in this sacred circle.

Alchemy of Dance is a playful shamanic dance healing, an intuitive movement practice combines with meditation, breathwork, Chi Gong Tai Chi, dance, voice activation, brain rewiring visualisation. You will have fun freeing your mind at this workshop without any dance/movement experience! Just wear comfy clothes and create a clear sacred space for you to move around / make noise at your own space.

Nicole Yau is an embodied shamanic healer who integrates NLP psychotherapy, shamanic rituals and mystical channeling.  She is also a Breakthrough Change Coach who has been sharing her mind-body-heart medicine from Ubud to conscious festivals and communities across Asia.  She has been Singapore’s & Hong Kong’s, GreenIsTheNewBlack, wellness facilitator since 2018.  Nicole is a certified NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) coach, Integrative Health Coach and Workplace Transformation Change Specialist for large organizations throughout Southeast Asia.

Website: Click here
Instagram: Click here


11.11 Unity Upgrade: Unification Through Heart Coherence – 10:30-11:20 pm – Saturday 18 September 2021.  Click here to check your local time.

(A.K.A. Kandice Korves-Kaus)  Mother of 11:11 Unify

She is passionate about gathering commUNITY close, to co-create sacred circles, ceremonies and rituals that are both potent and impactful.  She has been creating, hosting and leading sacred circle ceremonies for over 3 decades.  As an ordained minister with Universal Life Church, she is certified and excited to offer inspiring, empowering and transformational ceremonial experiences to her commUNITY and the world!  Her life’s mission and purpose is to step into her Awakened Leadership role, and lead the way on our collective path of humanity’s ascension!

Website: Click here
Facebook: Click here and her Facebook group here
Instagram: Click here

RutiCelli (USA)

Anistara will also be joined by the beautiful 432Hz cello vibrations of RutiCelli!

A multi disciplinary music artist combining healing with consciousness, creating balanced heart/head coherence through Right Brain activation.

Evolving from a traditional classical cello performance career- Ruti birthed the “art of trust” concept by cultivating her passion for channeling improvised compositions and for publishing her own music productions- both in 432Hz, known as “The Harmonic Intonation of Nature”. Her personal development journey brought enthusiasm to explore the connection between DNA activation, intuition, creativity and the desire to propel humanity’s ascension timeline.

Ruti’s dream is to collaborate with like minded individuals bringing about the changes she wishes to see in the world, utilizing music performance as an art form for consciousness expansion.

Ruti is also a member of The Divine Family prosperity consciousness circle and a passionate blogger. Click here
Bandcamp: Click here

AARON FISHER – (Canada/Costa Rica)

Communication from the Heart – 11:50 pm-12:20 am – Saturday 18 September – Sunday 19 September.  Click here for your local time

Aaron Fisher is a Canadian Entrepreneur  who resided in China for over 9 years supporting Fortune 500 companies as a business consultant specializing in leadership and personal development.  He is currently travelling the world as a Mindset Coach, Endurance Athlete, Photographer, Public Speaker, Host of “The Awakeningself” Podcast and author of the best selling book “Love Letters”. His goal is to build a global community thru experiential events, sharing his experiences, and facilitating powerful conversations and open spaces.

Instagram: Click here

Check out Aaron’s “Discovering the Elements of Self” online course here.

TARAH ABRAM (Canada) – 1 Million Meditators

I AM EMBODIMENT – 12:30-1:20 am – Sunday 19 September 2021 – Click here to check your local time.

Tarah is a Designer, Certified Meditation Teacher, Reiki Practitioner & Mindset Master. She began her holistic practice in 2001 as a Registered Massage Therapist in a clinical setting but was drawn to relaxation and creating experiences for her clients from her background of music and theatre. She went on to pursue her creative passions for Interior design and photography. As life happens she was presented with a health challenge and she discovered the importance of connecting the Mind, Body, and Environment for ultimate well being.

She is an International Best Selling Author with “Courageous Hearts” and “SHINE!” An Ambassador for 1Million Meditators and Impact Partner for Mindful Market. Host of Conversations with 1Million Meditators and Co-Founder of the Consciousness Pods.

Check out Juicy Conversations with Tarah, on Conversations with 1 Million Meditators every Friday!

Or catch tune in on the podcast @

And Always…LIVE JUICY!

Website: Click here
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Forgiveness Ritual – 4:30-5:20 am – Sunday 19 September 2021 – Click here to check your local time.

Tangelina is a lifelong student of the human condition with a deep desire to inspire the heart! She has been studying and practicing the healing arts for over 30yrs with a strong background of western and eastern perspectives. She has studied with awarded physicist, Nassim Haramein starting in 2003.  In 2009 she began her study of Daoist Magic and November of 2011 she received her ordination as a Daoist Priestess in Longhu Shan, China under Dr. Jerry Alan Johnson of the Temple of the Celestial Cloud. Her greatest motivation is witnessing individuals opening the gift of their lives. Seeing how that affects the overall health and wellness and the way that ripples out moves her to make these methods available to as many people as possible.

SANYA HUR EM – (Germany/Bali)

Womb/Hara Creativity Activation – 6:25-6:55 am – Sunday 19 September (ahead of the Earthdance Prayer for Peace at 7:00 am) – Click here to check your local time.

Sanya is a Dream Journey Guide, Bodywork Professional and Wisdom Keeper of the Womb. Building on a unique repertoire of professional backgrounds, Sanya leads with a grounded, open-hearted quality that invites your natural radiance to shine and touch every aspect of your life.

She is trained as a Transdisciplinary Holistic Education Specialist and holds a Masters degree in Creative Arts, lending a pedagogical expertise and imaginative depth to her offerings. As co-founder of the European hub for the Anatomy of Movement® method, she is dedicated to grounding the magic of this work in a somatic experience that is profoundly healing and calls forth a lived embodiment of our inner radiance. Sanya’s sessions guide participants to awaken powerful hidden structures in the body, shift emotional patterns and receive intuitive messages through dreamtime journeys.

Website: Click here
Instagram: Click here

DEBORAH JOUE – (Switzerland)

The 5th Element – Ancient Teachings meet Modern Movements – 7:30-8:20 am – Sunday 19 September 2021 –  Click here to check your local time & Unschooling of the soul – Education that fits into your life (Available to watch anytime during the live stream!)

Deborah Joue Joos is an enthusiastic teacher & Unschooling activist as well as a dance- and art coach. She is the founder of the international organizations Hip Hop 4 Hope, supporting street children with street art & Pocket Potentials, that supports families worldwide to create alternative educational paths for children.

Deborah swears on dance, the wisdom of the body and the unique power of human connection. Taoism & Traditional Chinese Medicine and Mythology belong to her all time favorites as well as the teachings of the “Yoga of the West”: the Practical Qabalah and further strains of Western mysticism.

Deborah naturally and systematically fuses all her achievements and applied sciences in a flexible way. In her sessions, the individual will be stimulated to discover the own self as a hybrid subject.”

Read more

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a triangle of acupuncture, nutrition and lifestyle. In contrast to the Western understanding (earth, water, air and fire), it is based on the five elements fire, water, earth, wood and metal. Urban Dance also lives with five elements. These are the art forms of DJing, MCing (rap, beatboxing), breakdancing and graffiti as well as the aspect of “knowledge”. Knowledge about the origins and intentions of the culture that emerged in the 70s and is represented worldwide. Traditional Chinese medicine, on the other hand, is already thousands of years old.

Our physical condition is a mirror of yourself within. If I feel focused within, I can be sure that my body is stable too and I can do moves I didn’t expect. If I practice physical flexibility my mind becomes flexible right away. It’s like shaking inner worlds awake.

Release energies and grab new ones from the surrounding. „Meltitate“ in your movement. Raise Qi in music. Find balance in silence.

In this course, you are going to find yourself in philosophy paired with physical movement that will energize and inspire your body, your motives & your purpose.

Website: Click here
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Workshops  for parents & teachers such as “Unschooling of the Soul – Education that fits into your life”


The Power of the Heart – 8:30-9:20 am – Sunday 19 September 2021 – Click here to check your local time.

Decades ago, Amber’s nomadic upbringing brought her to India and onwards to Bali, where she is now loving life more than ever before. A life so rich with insights and experience that she now jokes, “My relationship status is multidimensional.”

In 2008, in the quiet South Pacific, Amber noticed that the intensity of life was amping up. Asking herSelf, “Why? And where is this taking us?” she wrote The Power of the Human Heart ~ A message of Trust, Triumph and Transformation.  The answers she received guided her inward journey… to find deeper trust and peace and joy at life’s unfolding Mastery.  A Change of Heart, the introduction of her book, presents her vision of our sacred journey on Earth. From victimhood to awakening, from struggle to peace, from the dark to the dawn.  It’s free to read on her website, which she gladly abandoned in 2013 when she discovered her love of dance.  She now dedicates her days to energy play and healing, song and surrender, community and celebration.

In awe and in endless gratitude to Love and to Life.

Website: Click here
Facebook: Click here


Heart Activation through Poetic Words – 10.25-11:05 am – Sunday 19 September 2021 – Click here to check your local time.

Opening up to your soul song and higher consciousness.

Gila is a Divine Feminine healer, writing empowerment coach, poet, and spiritual heart guide. She guides you to intuitively access sacred energy and words to live a limitless life of unconditional love. Her mentoring focuses on releasing the old story and writing your new story, trusting your internal GPS, intuition, body, and heart. Her guidance helps you to increase awareness of your own divine body and heal traumatic wounds through writing, meditation, movement, breathwork, and self-affirmations.  The types of trauma that Gila can help you heal from and release are PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder related to bereavement), and chronic trauma such as bullying, domestic violence, child and sexual abuse.

Gila’s authentic inner heart-healing empowers you to live a divinely erotic blissful life.

Website: Click here
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Instagram: Click here

Check out Gila’s Words of Seduction online course here!

KERRY CLANCEY – (Australia/Bali)

Sacred Heart Meditation – 11:08=11:20 am – Sunday 19 September 2021 – Click here to check your local time.

In 2011, Kerry’s near-death experience gave her the ability to channel, receive, and connect with many guides from higher dimensions. Kerry is an intuitive spiritual teacher, author, international speaker, transformational coach sound healer, and meditation teacher. Her spiritual teachings about divine love, peace, and harmony are her global messages and teachings to bring more love and light, raising awareness and consciousness have uplifted and changed many lives. As an intuitive and empath, Kerry is committed to sharing her channeled messages of divine light to private clients and groups alike, bringing in powerful emotional and physical breakthroughs to many individuals – for many years. She teach her Sacred Heart Meditation, using intuitive guidance, channeling angels and ascendant master, and harmonizing the soul with Tibetan sound bowls.   The Sacred Heart has an intelligence all of its own.

Website: Click here
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Authentic Relating – Slowing down to the Speed of Love – 2:30-3:20 pm – Sunday 19 September 2021 – Click here to check your local time.

Rick Smith has spoken to over 100,000 people on five continents in areas of teaching skills, public speaking, facilitation, and Authentic Relating. His best-selling book “Conscious Classroom Management” has now sold over a quarter million copies, and continues to touch the lives of teachers and their students.  He now brings his experience in teaching and facilitation to his current work. He offers practical ways for participants to know and love themselves, and remember their own innocence, wholeness, and “enough-ness,” especially in all the tight corners of their inner and outer worlds.

Websites:  Click here and here
Facebook:  Click here

AMELIE MACOIN – (France/Bali)

Laughter Yoga – 3:30-4:20 pm – Sunday 19 September 2021 – Click here to check your local time.

Amélie has always been recognized and appreciated for her joy of living, her smile and her contagious laughter.  After 5 years as a communication manager in a cooperative in France, followed by 5 years of her dream job in a contemporary circus company, she allowed herself to pursue her dream to travel more and followed the signs that led her to Bali. She arrived in Ubud in 2019, for normally 2 months, and this is now her home for already 2 years.

In 2018, she discovered Laughter Yoga in Auroville, India, and fell in love with the playfulness, the simplicity and the power of it : fun, reconnection to your inner child while offering amazing benefits for your health… So she trained there as a Laughter Yoga Leader. Also Kundalini Yoga teacher and free dance lover, she’s now Joy Facilitator for French women entrepreneurs, to help them reconnect to themselves through their body, for an aligned, joyful and fulfilling life using journaling, yoga (kundalini and laughter), meditation and free dance.”

Website: Click here
Facebook: Click here
Instagram: Click here

JADEN FOX – (USA/Thailand)

Stepping into the TRUTH of Your Highest Self – Available to watch anytime after the festival launch!

How do you find YOUR truth in world that is so convoluted and distorted?

We live in a reality that is fine tuned to block, distract and prevent us from knowing our truth.  Many of our lives have even been rigged to keep us away from discovering our subtle inner truths and finding our source essence.

The path to uncovering & discovering yourself is often the opposite of how we’ve been conditioned to behave and think.  I’ve found it’s about discovering how to untangle the lies and cut through the chaos of this reality so you can embody your inner knowing, strength and step into your personal truth.

Here are core the elements I’ve found most useful:

  • Awakening your Body through Pleasure (Movement, Music, Orgasm, etc…)
  • Awakening your Being (Spirit) by expanding your reality
  • Recognizing & overcoming what’s trying to obstruct you
  • Tricks to finding YOUR truth in the chaos of this reality

Join me to explore how to step more into YOUR inner truth.

Website: Click here
Facebook: Click here

Check out Jaden’s FREE online course here


Romantic Love without Ownership – Available to watch anytime after the festival launch!

Sumati Sparks coaches people of all relationship configurations, gender expressions, sexual orientations and cultures to create successful love and intimate connections.  She is a wisewoman, an empath, a healer and a powerful stand for love. Since 1984, she has been on a personal path of 12-step work and recovery, has studied and taught with many spiritual and relationship teachers including the great saint Mata Amritananda Mayi (Ammachi) who gave her the name Sumati; Starhawk; Stan Dale (HAI); Marshall Rosenberg (NVC); and many others. Since 2017, she has been an active member of and a facilitator in the Network for a New Culture. Since 1997, she has been practicing ethical, consensual non-monogamy herself and coaching others since 2000.

Website: Click here
Facebook: Click here
BlogTalkRadio: Click here


Heart Attuning Breath – Available to watch anytime after the festival launch!

Senaja creates sacred space to hold you in your breath journey. Her intuition and perception guides her skill in supporting you to meeting the fullness of your breath. With Global Heart Dance Senaja is gifting you the Heart Attuning Breath Practice and a Breathwork session for you to connect deeply with your heart.  Her loving care and touch assist you in divine flow of your wholeness.  Her presence connects with your soul opening realms not yet dreamt of.
Certified in multiple breathwork modalities and with decades of experience in holistic transformation she alchemizes exceptional space for you to indulge in meeting the greatness of you. Embodying your sovereign essence and living your fullness.
Website: Click here
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Instagram: Click here


QiGong – Available to watch anytime after the festival launch!

Amanda Rose Loveland teaches and facilitates spiritual integration modalities from her studio the Infinite Now Temple in Santa Cruz, CA, USA. Her Qigong training stems from the Lohan School of Shaolin. Amanda utilizes Qigong as a method to remove blockages from the mental, physical, and subtle energy systems. Amanda offers ritual prayerformance, dance, music, one-one qigong, reiki, and non-dual spiritual integration methods to her community and loved. For inquiries and booking inner-attainment for events, in person and online connect with her via email at:

Facebook: Click here