Global Heart Dance will be tuning in with the Earthdance Prayer for Peace at 6:55 am for 7 am on Sunday 19 September as all the Earthdance events globally unite at that time.  Click here for your local time.  We will already be nicely grounded and more deeply tuned into our bodies with a class from beautiful sister Sanya Hur Em offering a womb/hara activation at 6:25-6:55 am.  Click here for your local time.

Wherever you are on this beautiful planet, we are inviting you to join us in sending out your Prayers for Peace all over the world.  The power of the Earthdance Prayer for Peace will be amplified using specific sonic geometries that have been used for many years by the Earthdance organisers which was lovingly created by a team of 22 people headed up by Judy Lynne Cole (USA) of, DJ Coresnfx (UK) and Eeshi-Ra Hart (UK and now Bali) of Sonic Life Solutions.  As you watch this video, breathe deeply into your body and notice how you feel!

Then Global Heart Dance invites everyone to join the 528Hz Heart Awakening Global Meditation at 1.11 pm local Bali/Singapore time on Sunday 19 September 2021 when communities from all over the world will unite with us through the power of prayer, meditation, and the human voice as we tune our hearts to the sacred sound healing Love frequency of 528Hz!  Click here to check your local time.

Set the date on your phone. Across the world let’s tone!
Let’s tune into 528. It’s a real potent sound we can make!  
19 September – it’s time to remember – why we came.  Tune in Bliss Out and let’s return!

Let’s get this party started!!!……..

At 11:30 am Bali/Singapore time, we are most honoured to have the awesome Leyolah Antara (Australia) offering a full power Kundalini Dance Heart Activation in the hour prior to the meditation to get us all energised, lit up and tuned in and expanded in our hearts and ready to go!  Click here to learn more about Leyolah and click here to find out your local time.

At 12:30 pm Bali/Singapore time, 40 minutes prior to the global meditation, Global Heart Dance Co-Founder Adam Golden Eagle (Australia) will introduce the global meditation as we invite the global community to tune in with us as we open up ceremonial space together with you.   Click here to find out your local time.

Then we will receive a beautiful invocation with prayers for divine assistance from High Priestess of Bali Ida Resi Alit who is a living embodiment of Kwan Yin here in Bali.

After that, Leyolah Antara (Australia) will also be joining us for the global meditation and call in all divine assistance & attune us every more deeply into our heart so we are fully grounded & centered in the love and essence of our true nature; and

Then Global Heart Dance Co-Founder Eeshi-Ra Hart (UK) will prepare us all to unite our hearts and voices for the global meditation at 1:11 pm Sunday 19 September.

Together we will tune in as one global family as we express the awesome beauty and potency of our hearts as we send out LOVE to all life on Earth and we invite you to JOIN us!

To find out more about why we have chosen the solfeggio sound healing frequency of 528Hz, check out the video below.

Then if you’d like to go further down the rabbit hole of innerstanding how 432Hz musical tuning relates to 528Hz and actually how they both relate to a vibration that naturally emanates from the Earth, go here.

Specific sound healing frequencies are potent catalysts so helpful for humanity at this time to support the great awakening.

If you’d like to tune in more deeply with the frequencies of the solfeggio/Zobet, the natural vibrations of the Earth and others with a large variety of physical, mental and emotional benefits, find out more about Eeshi-Ra’s sound healing work of 20 years here and find deeply relaxing, rebalancing, uplifting and energising sound healing audios like The Unity Codes, Earthing, 108 Gamma Codes and many others here