Global Heart Dance is proud to announce its first year of a FREE global online 24 hour festival inviting a wide variety of communities to unite in multiple global locations on Saturday 18 September & Sunday 19 September 2021 depending what time zone you’re in. The opening ceremony for the event will start at 5.55 pm on Saturday 18 September 2021 Bali/Singapore time.

We are excited to partner with Earthdance and tune in with their “Prayer for Peace” at 7 am Bali/Singapore time on Sunday 19 September 2021, where multiple locations all over the world will be tuning in together.   As the global Earthdance family is celebrating 25 years of international events this year, what better way to join with them and other communities in celebration to share positive energy and raise the vibration on this planet TOGETHER!  The Prayer for Peace is on Saturday, 19 September, Midnight, London UK time (7 hours behind Bali!).  Everyone is invited!  Find out how soon that is or go here to check out your local time.  (Some of you may remember that Eeshi-Ra (previously Ashera) was the first Earthdance International Co-Ordinator and also the voice of the original Prayer for Peace!).

Then Global Heart Dance will be sharing its own global meditation at 1.11 pm local Bali/Singapore time on Sunday 19 September 2021 when communities from all over the world will unite with us through the power of prayer, meditation, and the human voice as we tune our hearts to the sacred sound healing Love frequency of 528Hz!  Go here to see your local time.  Together we will send out LOVE from our hearts to all life on Earth as we more deeply awaken and unite as one global family! 

Would you like to host your own Global Heart Dance?  We would love to welcome you!  Whether you’re a party organiser, a kirtan/mantra group facilitator, a meditation teacher, an indigenous tribal community leader, a spiritual teacher, church pastor or other religious community leader, etc, come join us and let’s tune in – all our hearts together! Register your event with us here.

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As humanity awakens more deeply to the love and the unity that we all share, more than ever it’s so important to come together as one global family to celebrate and share our heart’s expression.  

Dance and music are universal languages that all humans comprehend and during these uncertain times, there are so many things we can do to keep the heart of humanity alive by having deeper compassion, honouring all cultures and having more respect for all our human family and all life on Earth.

Are you ready to dance from your heart and be part of a global movement?

Self-expression of the soul is one of the most powerful paths to enlightenment and awakening.

Are you an event organiser, community leader, teacher, kirtan/choir leader, religious leader, spiritual teacher or facilitator and keen to join a like-minded and light hearted global network of visionaries, thought leaders, & innovators? Is this calling to your heart? 
If so, we’d love to hear from you. 
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The Global Heart Dance Festival is on 18-19 September 2021 and the whole 24 hours is for FREE!  A gift from our hearts to YOU but if you’d like to make a donation to support all our heart work, we would be so very grateful, so kindly go here.

Kindly note that Global Heart Dance is a non politically-affiliated movement