This is a space where all hearts can express inspiring new ways of being and how to live more harmoniously on this Earth. Here is a selection of things to maybe bring a smile to your face, inspire you to dance, love, build connection and unity so precious at this time!  Send us your photos, videos, visions, favourite happy uplifting songs, and any inspiring stories of transformational projects that uplift your heart and/or touch the hearts of your community, and those in need, as we learn to find new ways of moving forward in uncertain times.

You’ll also find here fascinating and playful ways of how to be more in your heart on a daily basis, and how technology like the HeartMath sensor can help us build more resilience as we awaken!  Check out Bobby Chugani’s new online course under the Teaching Portal here.



Incredible shifts are happening on our planet at this time. We traveled the globe visiting 16 different countries to interview: Indigenous Elders, Wisdom Keepers and Visionary Thought Leaders who shared their knowledge and teachings. A great awakening is taking place! Watch Time of the Sixth Sun, a feature docu-movie that’s planting seeds and opening hearts (now subtitled in 19 languages) for free!

Here at Global Heart Dance, we have been kindly sponsored with a few nugget clips that are featured in our promo video, check it out here!

Time of the Sixth Sun – Free 108 minute feature docu-movie – to watch click link below:

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This is the sacred sonic frequency we will be tuning in with for our global festival with communities from all over the world!  It’s a frequency from the Solfeggio/Zobet frequencies that are for humanity’s awakening at this time.  It’s a code of Light, so it can really help energise us, and help our hearts tune into more love for self, and so we can feel more love for others, feel more connected to our Creator and ALL of the Universe and so create a more peaceful world!

It can also be used to energise your food and water.  Here’s a video below of Eeshi-Ra showing you how to do just that!  Want to hear Eeshi-Ra’s latest album where she uses this heart-based frequency, check out “The Key” and others here.  You can also check out Michiko Hayashi’s class at the beginning of the festival where she talks all about how prayer and loving intention can energise water too!  More here.


Thought you might like seeing a cool experiment with plants!  Ever thought of watering your plants with 528Hz infused water? It’s amazing how certain healing frequencies can change things!

There’s also one that also uses 528Hz & works with an app called PlantWave here and you can read this Science Daily article about how plants can generate their own electricity.  For example, how a single leaf, can emit more than 150 Volts, enough to simultaneously power 100 LED light bulbs. Researchers also showed that an ‘hybrid tree’ made of natural and artificial leaves can act as an innovative ‘green’ electrical generator converting wind into electricity.  Get more on the science here.


BALI – IDEP Water Protection Program

Bali, Island of the Gods, is currently facing a water crisis. Aquifers are being drained at a rate that rainfall just can’t replenish and 65% of fresh water is consumed by mindless tourism! Local wells are coming up dry, as hotels continue to drill deep with greater equipment. Close to the coast, salt water is entering the fresh ground water, making the aquifers unable to be consumed. Check out this inspiring local project offering solutions called IDEP and their Water Protection Program. This group of mostly Balinese locals are building 136 recharge wells, educating locals and visitors, and empowering children to care for rivers too for the generations to come!

Bali gives to all who come, So generously, and this is our chance to give back.

Visit to learn more & give Right Now.  Thank YOU!


Another great local project in Bali that is exchanging plastic for rice to support the locals feeding themselves at this challenging time.  The plastic is then processed recycling.

Website: Click here.

What community projects are you passionate about?  Tell us and we’ll share them here!



What musicians or sound healing journeys or poets or ? are you passionate about? 
Tell us and if they’ve got a heartfelt story, we’ll share them here!