Co-Founders Adam Golden Eagle and Eeshi-Ra Hart are most honoured, excited and grateful to partner with some beautiful global organisations who are gathering communities from all over the world to co-create a more peaceful world through the power of dance, global meditation, uplifting interviews, focused spiritual practice, new ways of living in community & doing business & beyond!

Our partners include:-


Earthdance is a California 501c3 non-profit tax-exempt organization that is financially supported by the people who produce and participate in the Earthdance global event.

The organization coordinates the annual Earthdance international music and dance festival for peace, and the global synchronized link-up, when the Prayer for Peace music track and affirmation is played at each event around the world, and online.

Now in its 25th year, Earthdance has supported the work of peace, sustainability, and social justice charities in many countries, via producers and communities that participate in the global event, by generating awareness, donations, and contributing 50% of local event profits.

Earthdance also conducts awareness campaigns related to its annual global event themes.

Global Heart Dance will be uniting with Earthdance for the Earthdance Prayer for Peace at 12 midnight BST UK time which is 7 am Bali/Singapore time.  More on the Earthdance Prayer for Peace here and our very own 528Hz Heart Awakening Global Meditation here.

More on Earthdance here.


1 Million Meditators is a non-profit organization (NPO) that’s operated solely for the purpose of improving social welfare, world consciousness and LOVE. Together we will help our planet thrive again and usher humanity into a new global consciousness of ONENESS!

More on 1 Million Meditators here

11:11 UNIFY

Global Heart Dance is excited to partner with 11.11 Unify! Upon our first meeting together we knew right away that we were family! We knew that we share a similar vision and mission, to UNIFY through coherence. We understand that collaboration is our only way forward in bEARTHing our future, together!

11.11 Unify is a project of trans-dimensional illumination to raise the vibration of our planet.  A unification celebration that will bridge the way for awakened path changers as we intentionally co-create for global activation. Let us gather as one unified field of energy, focusing our intentions and prayers towards unity consciousness.

11:11 and Global Heart Dance are partnering up to encourage more Heart Coherence in the world!

More on 11:11 Unify here.


Global Heart Dance is excited to partner with The Next Global Renaissance in support of the festival.  The Next Global Renaissance describes the rebirth of culture and society on planet Earth that is happening right now. All observable things undergo a process of life, death and rebirth in a continual process of evolution. At this time on planet Earth, we are experiencing both the death of the old paradigm and the birthing of the new, which is revealing a truly unique transition point never before seen in history. The Next Global Renaissance (NGR) aims to create a unified container amongst all people and projects working on bringing the next planetary paradigm, to enable greater impact in service to the evolution of consciousness on the planet.
The NGR Media Movement is being built to communicate this message to many far and wide. Imagine a news station which spreads uplifting and inspiring information to all with the intention to support others in their journey to actualize their fullest potential in every facet of life. Regenerative agriculture, medicine, nutrition, mind-body-spirit wellness, new scientific and technological discoveries, updates on place-based communities and projects around the world… 
In addition, every media creator and contributor to the NGR will have a chance to contribute to this organically growing alliance, that is owned by no-one and co-stewarded by all those who take part. We are creating central new-paradigm creator hubs around the world, as well as a digital network of media creators contributing in a decentralized manner. If you are interested in participating or learning more, [click here].