Eeshi-Ra Hart (UK) and Adam Golden Eagle (Australia) have come together to create this exciting global dance event on Saturday 18 September/Sunday 19 September 2021 to unite hearts all over the world from a wide variety of communities.  Everyone is invited!  The highlight of the event will be a global meditation at 1.11 pm local Bali time on Sunday 19 September 2021 when communities from all over the world will unite with us as we tune our hearts to the Love frequency of 528Hz!  Go here to see your local time.  Check out our Welcome Video below and the full Promo Video here.

Eeshi-Ra (previously Ashera) was the original International Co-ordinator for Earthdance which is a global dance event that was founded in 1997 by Chris Deckker and at its peak it has united over 60 countries! Eeshi-Ra was also the original voice of the “Prayer for Peace” which is the point where all Earthdance parties synchronise with every DJ playing this track in every location all over the world!

In 2001, Eeshi-Ra left Earthdance to pursue her path in healing with sound frequency and the voice. She works with the sound healing frequencies of the solfeggio, the Earth vibrations and other scientifically-researched frequencies which are profound healing tools to help us feel more in balance and also vital catalysts we can use at this time for our awakening. She has created many different sound healing modalities, tuning fork audios, DVD’s/video downloads, eBooks, mobile phone ringtone etc and offers many online courses to learn either as a beginner, a sonic seeker wanting tools for self care and personal evolution or if you’d like to become a practitioner yourself.

More on Eeshi-Ra’s sound healing work here:

Adam is a global visionary of many talents with a life mission of facilitating human awakening on a global scale through empowering and transformational events.

As a global visionary, Adam creates divine perspectives as a conscious bridge between the seen and unseen worlds, and the known human world and the depths of the mystery that lives within each of us.

As DJ (alias Phoenixfire) he brings epic & uplifting performances that aim to fuel spiritual awakening on the dance floor with beautiful and evocative sonic journeys through ethnic beats, electronic dance music and more!

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Are you an event organiser, community leader, teacher, kirtan/choir leader, religious leader, spiritual teacher or facilitator and keen to join a like-minded and light hearted global network of visionaries, thought leaders, & innovators? Is this calling to your heart?  If so, we’d love to hear from you.  Click here to join us today!